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The AFR-1R is the simplest to use rich-burn engine, single set point air/fuel ratio control system available. The system is designed to maximize the efficiency of a 3-way catalyst by maintaining the proper air/fuel ratio. AFR, CDOH, DR Congo ... Works: 12 water tanks in el Fasher OR steel for 12 tanks ... 10/5/2020 91111601.00 10/20/2020 72151207.00 12/1/2020 70111703.00 May 04, 2013 · Hi , guys , one question, what is the best afr for 1.8t petrol engines in wot for high performance ? some ones says that 12.1:1,12:1 others 11.5:1 what do you think?

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So when the vehicle is reading 1.0 lambda at idle using HPTuners, my AFR gauge on the dash shows 13.6ish. So when doing WOT pulls I have seen my AFR gauge on my dash read around 10.5 or so and my HPTuners lambda reading is around .78 (Which converted is around a 11.46 AFR instead of the 10.5ish reading that the on board dash is saying) C&L 80mm mass air, Mac CAI, BBK 65mm tb, Steeda ud pulleys, MGW shifter, RAM HD clutch and aluminum flywheel, 3:73 gears, 2.5" Dynomax o/r x pipe, 3" MAC cat back system w/ 3 1/2" tips, Kenny Brown(front and rear strut tower brace, caster plates, subframe connectors,extreme matrix brace,jacking rails, torque brace, lowering springs), Tokico D-Spec shocks, 03-04 Cobra(side scoops, rear bumper ... 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang 10th Anniversary Wheels. Give your Fox Body the same great looks as the 10th Anniversary Cobra with a set of 4-lug 1979-1993 SVE Anniversary wheels. That is a good target AFR. that's a horrible target AFR. It's entirely too high for a WOT run. 10.5-12 is a lot safer.

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Dec 09, 2011 · A car with a Turbo has a turbine attached which is driven by the exhaust gases to force air into the engine. This action means more air in the cylinder and the more air in the cylinder means more fuel has to be added which means more power is made... 10.5 to 1 AFR my car wont even boost, it just starts backfiring and smells like straight gasoline coming out the exhaust. it runs OK at 11.5:1. I'm running 14.7:1 at low throttle, the car seems to do best there. For hi throttle I try to keep it around 11.9-12:1 on 93 octane. Feb 10, 2014 · More get paid indirectly via think tanks, who may get some money from fossil companies, but get lots from familiy foundations (including Kochs, but that’s both political and fossil), The funding chains are really dark mazes. See Fakery 2 for analysis and CCC before that for a broader view of more people.

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Bitcoin tanks below $1,000. Read full article. Jonathan Garber. March 22, 2017, 12:06 PM ... Selling on Wednesday has the cryptocurrency down 10.5% at $997 a coin, where it is now more than 20% ... Good Game is an Australian television gaming programme produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which aired on ABC2.Created by Janet Carr, Jeremy Ray and Michael Makowski, the show began in 2006 and included a mix of gaming news, reviews, and features.